Sing Again

I wonder where all the songs have gone
The ones that I once knew
They used to fall like water drops
And lifted me anew

My heads now filled with chambers
Where song can find no place
I trust not their joyful cheer
Nor their playful upward pace

You turned out to be another
Not one that could stay here
Nothing lasts forever
Yet shattered, it was so unclear

Fear not, for whilst I’m broken
Only for a while, to be rebuilt
I will sing again the songs of life
And praise this ash and silt



Ode To The Writer!

To all my fellow writers
I lift a glass to you and pray
That you continue to bewitch us
With all your heart might say
For you are gentle reminders
We are not alone in our toil of love
Nor alone in the spectrum of feeling
That, at night, do keep us up
With bravery and conviction
You light up what’s hard to see
And give words to unspoken emotion
In song, in story and poetry


“Thank you for sharing your work with me, its been a wonderful journey” – Janine x

Waiting for the Sun

Don’t give up, though your heart yearns in your chest
Don’t give up, though you feel you’ve nothing left
Time is relentless, its void can breed despair
Time is unforgiving, it passes through your air
It tightens in your lungs, till you can hardly breathe
Yet desperately you seek, some source of sweet relief

Don’t give up, you have much left to do
Don’t give up, the world needs only you
Love is out there waiting, to lift you up again
Yes love is round the corner, like sweet summer rain
Hold on a little longer, the best is yet to come
On your tender branch of living, just waiting for the sun


The Sinister Inside

The sinister within draped around your edges
Catching ice in your eyes as you study the planet
Dissatisfaction in all that you see
Disgust and shame for the world of me
A flickering of  flame licks at the brain
Retribution for suffering. For misery and pain
Your memory folds over, backward an forth
Cold Sunday morning, no caress, only hurt
Vision turns amber, the scratching returns
Demanding attention, the knife slowly turns
Life ebbs away slowly, while you watch with intent
A smirk lifts your lips as you lean over, bent
Ecstasy over the clear message you’ve written
In blood and fluid, the demons been bitten
It’s over now, adrenalin subsides
In it’s place now, the old walker rides
Re-arranging the skin on your face to appear
With no sign of the other, hand steady, mind clear
Cool water washes away signs of insanity
You return with ease, to grace and humanity
Time floats on by, till you glimpse at decay
And try as you might to keep the fury at bay
The place for the righteous has to be earned
And slowly but surely the scratching returns…..