Masks all around us

Constructed to protect

Sewn from wires of hurt and pain

With iron chains they’re decked

Find the open sea of your soul

Where rivers run to meet

Expose your naked body

You are beautiful and complete

Fear not those who seek to harm

Nor those that fail to see

For they are merely teachers

An arm to guide the way

Lift your mask for others to see

Who lives beneath the pain

Those destined to stay with you

Will love you all the same

The rest, my friend, will all move on

And don’t deserve your eye

Seize the lessons meant for you

And raise your head up high

Now look beneath the surface

And unstitch those most close

Ease them of the burden

Of hiding their inner ghost

Let’s push them into the sunlight

And awe at their perfect tune

Removing all the bindings

Till they’re howling at the moon

Imagine a world for a moment

A world of fairies and elves

Where the only thing we’re disguised as

Is truly being ourselves…….

© Copyright


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