In my thoughts I laugh at you

Awesome poem, a must reblog….

Homo est Machina


In my thoughts I laugh at you
while outwardly I nod.
Believe the lies I hold for true
and worship me as god.

In my eyes I see you through
while outwardly I look away.
You really do not have a clue
that I have led you far astray.

In my heart I hate your breath
while outwardly I blow a kiss.
I hope you have a painful death
and evaporate in the abyss.

In my soul I wish you dead
while outwardly I smile.
Your life is hanging on a thread
that I’ve been cutting for a while.

In my mind I see your grave
while outwardly I pray for you.
All your life you’ve been a slave
whom I attempted to subdue.

While outwardly it seems so odd
in my heart I do not care.
I live my life as a god –
dead, unconscious, unaware.

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