The Sinister Inside

The sinister within draped around your edges
Catching ice in your eyes as you study the planet
Dissatisfaction in all that you see
Disgust and shame for the world of me
A flickering of  flame licks at the brain
Retribution for suffering. For misery and pain
Your memory folds over, backward an forth
Cold Sunday morning, no caress, only hurt
Vision turns amber, the scratching returns
Demanding attention, the knife slowly turns
Life ebbs away slowly, while you watch with intent
A smirk lifts your lips as you lean over, bent
Ecstasy over the clear message you’ve written
In blood and fluid, the demons been bitten
It’s over now, adrenalin subsides
In it’s place now, the old walker rides
Re-arranging the skin on your face to appear
With no sign of the other, hand steady, mind clear
Cool water washes away signs of insanity
You return with ease, to grace and humanity
Time floats on by, till you glimpse at decay
And try as you might to keep the fury at bay
The place for the righteous has to be earned
And slowly but surely the scratching returns…..



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