Waiting for the Sun

Don’t give up, though your heart yearns in your chest
Don’t give up, though you feel you’ve nothing left
Time is relentless, its void can breed despair
Time is unforgiving, it passes through your air
It tightens in your lungs, till you can hardly breathe
Yet desperately you seek, some source of sweet relief

Don’t give up, you have much left to do
Don’t give up, the world needs only you
Love is out there waiting, to lift you up again
Yes love is round the corner, like sweet summer rain
Hold on a little longer, the best is yet to come
On your tender branch of living, just waiting for the sun



5 thoughts on “Waiting for the Sun

  1. ErikaKind says:

    That is so lovely!


  2. No, never give up, no matter what you are wanting, needing or facing. Ones strength and courage will get you there if you believe, believe that its there, whatever ‘it’ is. Lovely words, thanks.


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