Vibrations of you
Mind intoxicated
With thoughts
Emotion unfulfilled
Kept alive
Yours and mine
Yet to be


Food For Thought…

What IF the one that was always there for you is not THE one for you?….

Tough question.  For me it was live with honesty or pretend that all was well. I chose honesty and have now lost “my person”. A tough price to pay. I lost a dear friend but live with the knowledge that without an honest choice how much of a friend would I have been?

What We Behold

The sound of the wind
As it wraps around the trees
Embracing its branches
And caressing its leaves

The warmth of the sun
Lights up the skies
Holding the clouds
And soothing our cries

The sound of the rain
As it falls all around
Calming the chaos
Whilst feeding the ground

In nature we see
What it means to belong
To be in rhythm
And in tune with the song

Everything made equal
All balanced to show
That what we do give
Is what we behold


Picture from Pixabay

Puppy! :-)

Been off the blog for a couple of days as I have a new pup (Tucker.. refer pic) in the house. I must say its like having a small child running around! Such an awesome little boy…….

Ball of fun ready to explode
The whole world is a chewy bone
Nothing to fear, just things to explore
As I quietly watch, I only love you more
Maybe we should all stop and take a pause
For grabbing life? I think an applause!


Elusive Sand

Fast forward this life of ours?
Hell will not let us through
Ours is both pain and pleasures
Where rain and fire ensues

Ours is to touch the sky
Yet to fall back to the earth
With bloodied nose, on bended knee
To reflect on our own rebirth

We will not run from sorrow
But hold it in our hands
For without this endurance
Joy is elusive sand

It will slip between our fingers
Until we pay the hefty dues
For there is naught without the other
And we have balanced up the tolls


Picture from Pixabay

Part of Me

Something a little different today. My kids are home after 10 days away! Felt like forever!

Can’t wait to have them home
To be surrounded by their cheer
Not a better sound
For a mom like me to hear

Can’t wait for things upon the floor
And dishes not in the sink
Untidy rooms and music around
Much better then I think!

Home has been so empty
Without them here you see
These facts are fairly simple
Because they are part of me


Picture from Pixabay