Oh to be so Powerful!

Inspired by Erika Kind, by her support and inspirational messages. Thank you Erika!

Oh to be so powerful
To do just what I dare
To take that leap with no worry
If other people care

To heed what’s inside me, calling
And dismiss the unkind word
To remove all doubt within myself
And dare just to be heard

Oh to be that powerful
Could it become real?
To leave the past behind me
And charge with nerves of steel?

Do not doubt your power
Its been deep inside you all along
Behind the curtains of your day
Behind each moving song

The power is within you
It’s light is ready to shine
It’s always been there waiting
Bask in it’s glory divine

Embrace the life you are destined
Be true to who you are
Those with honour will embrace you
And follow your north star

Oh to be so powerful….?
My darling you always were…


11 thoughts on “Oh to be so Powerful!

  1. ErikaKind says:

    OH MY GOD!!!! This is such a wonderful poem, Janine! This is amazing! I am in such a good mood today. But reading your words makes my heart sing. What a zest for life and excitement is spread by your poem!!!! And you say I inspired you to that? Wow!!! I love it!


    • WordEssence says:

      Hey Erika, Yes this poem was born from listening to your radio interview! Really touched my heart and affirmed where I am right now. Right words at the right time so I had to share albeit a small version of your message. What an amazing person you are. – Janine

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ErikaKind says:

    Reblogged this on Author Erika Kind and commented:
    Janine from Wordessence humbled me a lot with this post. I don’t reblog this most powerful poem because she said I inspired her but because she found the most uplifting, motivating, empowering and brigthening words I ever read. I love it and I want you share this gem with you.


  3. WordEssence says:

    You have brought tears to my eyes. Such kindness is overwhelming. On Easter Sunday too! 🙂


  4. LadyPinkRose says:

    What an absolute phenomenal poem. I saw this on Erika’s site and had to come over to read this, and am very glad I did. Yes, we are powerful indeed. We only have to SEE it. Happy Easter! Love, Amy


  5. Phyllis says:

    And thank you to both of you inspirational women- namaste`

    Liked by 1 person

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