The Bum

Lollipop eyes staring through me.
You’ve been drinking again today,
It’s so plain to see.
Staggering gait, lopsided grin.
Pity you don’t see the trouble you’re in.
A bottle a day. That’s your game
Keeps you on keel.
Keeps you feeling sane.
Oblivious to the harm on body and soul.
No care of the result?
Don’t care if you grow old?
The demons can’t get you,
Can’t get inside.
Just gotta keep on that slip sliding ride.
Hiding from your past,
No sense of the road.
A broken down cart serves as your abode.
You lift your middle finger at my sad and steady gaze.
Surely was quite hectic,
That life that turned to haze.
To turn away from family
Or did they turn on you?
To give up everything and live a life in lieu



Picture from Pixabay


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