“Happiness cannot be bought, bargained, owned, worn or consumed. It is the spiritual experience of living with love and gratitude and the knowledge that the universe will always bring you back to where u belong, no matter how far from your path you have wandered”

A few authors inspired this.


The Path

Curved edge of an unknown path
Its light beyond shines through
Full of hope and pebbles smooth
Wet with morning dew

Is this path the one for me?
Will the light hold true?
What if pebbles are hopeless dreams
And the road, just me alone


When the last glimmer of hope leaves your broken mind
And the sun sets on your world
When the pain descends, a hurtling train
Its tunnel as black as your heart
Look to the sky my love, for I am here
For your bleary eyes to see
That being alone is only figments of time
I was there all along, you see?

©JNijs 2016