I despise this part of me
Needy. Vulnerable. Pathetic.
I was born to roar
And yet here I lie
Like a small child
Wanting to be needed
Crushed by emotion
Defying any logic



A Fool to his Errand?

To risk this place of ‘being’
In the trade of something more?
On instinct spouted renderings
It certainly heeds no law!

A fool may be to his errand
As love is to this heart
But what life is worth the living
If we cannot in it, take part


Desires Rapture

Restless winds swirl downward
Across the valley of this beast
Impatience surrenders masters
Lust filled eyes, hazy heat

To have him is her oblivion
The dark moon ebbs with gold
The lesson, though made of madness
Holds more sense than teachers told

To posess another so completely
Blind and lost in the sweet taste
Entwined in desires rapture
The land before lies waste

As the Yin is to the Yang
The nectar of life unfolds
To give oneself completely
Is to maintain the balance of control


The Maiden

Speak to me, my wizard
Come to me, my prince
Show yourself of this world
From this drying ink

Fairies too much to hope for
Trolls too real in life
A dungeon complete with dragons
A lone maidens daily strife