House by the Sea

The winged descent of a firefly,
The sun catching it’s fervour.
Reminds me of an earlier time,
When the child in us was free.

When days were long and sunny,
And the nights were short and calm.
Spent in friendly company,
Nowhere else to be.

The ocean spread before us,
All worry left behind.
That distant memory to be ignored,
That house by the sea.



Other People’s Eyes

I wonder what the view is like,
From other people’s eyes.
Are they afraid of the wonder,
In each moment of the day?
Or do they tip their heads in awe,
And breathe in all the pain?
Do they stand on cracked edges,
To hide it’s magic touch?
Or fly at heights to marvel,
The grotesque and the plain?



Sometimes, whilst writing, I find that my original intention transforms into another thing entirely!  The subconscious has a way of getting through. Allowing myself to put thought to paper and think about the phrase, placement, setting etc. calms my mind from chaos and let’s me see the subject from an entirely different angle. This process is enlightening and often solves or makes a current challenge less threatening – a bit like talking to an old friend I guess!.

Free writing, starting with random appealing words and formulating a prose around them, is another way that I have found to uncover and work through hidden emotions – a practice I confess I have not done for a while. Even if you don’t end up with a particularly good piece of work it’s worth the time and can lead to alternate inspiration!

Enjoy the Ride

An eternity of moments,
It seems, to no end.
Cascade of problems,
With solutions to bend.
Kaleidoscope of pathways,
Arrays of mistakes.
But isn’t that what’s human,
To give and to take?

Maybe the solution,
To the passage of time,
Is to enjoy the close moments,
And to enjoy the ride!


In His Flame

Slide of fingertips to warm skin;
Vine of life, resolute from within.
Empathy in surrender;
To tumultuous days ember.
Love ensued passion.
Reciprocation of pleasure.
Barricades of silk.
Joint tapestries of quilt.
Same view from within.
In his flame your own twin.


Man’s Best Friend

When the world is bleary
The way forward unclear
Look to those around you
Paws that will steer you clear
Doesn’t have to be a human
Believe me when I say
Mans best friend has a heart of gold
And will not lead you astray