​Run from your father.

Run till you bleed.
Run till you cough ember.
Run from this gross misdeed.

Then hide till you heal.
Hide till you can trust.
Hide till you can feel.
Hide, well, until you must.

Kill the venom in your blood.
Kill the taste of shame.
Kill the hatred in your soul.
Kill the thing that maims.

Then live with all your might.
Live with shadow no more.
Live; cry out and shout with delight.
Live with your pasts dank door.

Love with a vengeance on the pain.
Love others like they were you, reborn.
Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Love till all the tatters are torn.

Leave this earth with gentleness.
Leave it enriched and engorged.
Leave it a little less lonely.
Leave it in love, submerged.




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