To all the Travelers

Here’s to all the travelers.
The conveyers of the land.
The rest of us can but sit,
And survey what you have found.
Oh how I long to wander.
Across far and distant land.
To discover all the riches.
Between toes, to squash the sand.
To reach the peaks of mountains.
My face to wash with dew.
And the, when it’s all over,
To rejoice in all that’s new.




Silly Spoon

Not sure where my heads at,
On this Saturday afternoon.
Seems like the weekend is just,
A long and rounded spoon!
It handle seems so very long,
but not really, can you see?
Its end makes way for a cradle !
But its back to work by then, for me!




Just perception.
A silent, decrepit crone.
To give your mind the ammo.
To anguish, heal then grow.

To rebuild the inner you.
Hiding beneath the pain.
The one that you cant see right now?!
Hey it’s you just the same.

It’s crazy and it’s hard.
But when you start to look.
Life has a habit of giving back,
Far more than it took.


Say Goodbye

​Say goodbye to the chains of the past. Let love, kindness and hope fill your soul. Lose no more sleep over those that do not appreciate your worth. Let the judgers judge and the haters hate. They do not know, nor want to understand, your heart.