Self Deceit

Self Deceit is an arduous task;
To live up each moment, behind a steel mask:
It’s too heavy to hold, each second a chore.
When your hearts crying out for, Oh! something more!
When the tears on your skin see no light of day;
And the grimace you hide, never fades away.
To own up to feelings, is to admit there’s a fault;
Sadly it’s still there if you admit it or not!
Oh the toil of mans pride, to ask for some help.
But in todays world, failure?, that’s how its spelt.



A Prayer for the Broken

Angels take me into your arms;
When this world feels too hard.
Angels protect me with your wings;
Protect me from harm.
Angels hear me please;
Deliver me from this hell.
Forgive me for not giving more;
I understood not your presence here;
Angels surround me in your love;
So I may learn from you;
And be guided by the light;
And live with life anew.


Tinder Man

Bit of fun this morning!…..

Dear Tinder man;
I hope it’s love you find;
On this dating app;
You know, the swiping kind!
Swipe her right if she’s hot;
Just shift her left if shes not;
Only takes a second;
To see if her profiles vrot!
But be warned my mobile friend;
There’s fakers round every bend;
And those luscious lips you seek;
May from a wrinkler some day peek!
But first you must find the courage;
Aye, muster up the guts!
To say the magic words;
“Hey you wanna meet up?”
Did u get an answer?
Or were you frozen out!
A fickle bunch of Tinderellas
More shoes than they can count?
What’s that? A yes you got!
Only took 200 tries
Now only one more hurdle
One more cross to bear.
To check out your prize in person.
Are u ready for those cross-hairs?
Oh the horror of being taken,
From the safety zone
Of the ever loving comfort.
Of your blerry phone!



This void tears at flesh;
Blood on bone, relentlessness;
Tunnel vision, sockets glazed;
Soft sinew twists to nothingness;
Futile scratching on razor edge;
Reeking stench of this darkness;
Reaching out one last time;
And slayed by human bloodiness.



Dear heart you can hide, but I see you peeking;
Around the folds of your soft sinew.
Exposed – just a little.
Oh not enough for the average man;
Nor he that cannot delve;
Behind that smile you wear so well;
Or the anger you can unleash;
All efforts just to hide;
When its me you need the most.




What a time to be alive, this world of constant flux;
All things being equal, we are all eye high in muck!
To stand still and drown, doesn’t seem like the choice;
Lets wallow in this pit, in this existence rejoice!
Take hold of the mud, let in run through our veins;
Speed on the highway, shift left and right lanes.
Laugh at the chaos, lift our heads high,
Howl at the moon and let the world hear our cry.
No taming this brute, so I say let it run free!
For the eye of the storm, is what you choose to see.