Tinder Man

Bit of fun this morning!…..

Dear Tinder man;
I hope it’s love you find;
On this dating app;
You know, the swiping kind!
Swipe her right if she’s hot;
Just shift her left if shes not;
Only takes a second;
To see if her profiles vrot!
But be warned my mobile friend;
There’s fakers round every bend;
And those luscious lips you seek;
May from a wrinkler some day peek!
But first you must find the courage;
Aye, muster up the guts!
To say the magic words;
“Hey you wanna meet up?”
Did u get an answer?
Or were you frozen out!
A fickle bunch of Tinderellas
More shoes than they can count?
What’s that? A yes you got!
Only took 200 tries
Now only one more hurdle
One more cross to bear.
To check out your prize in person.
Are u ready for those cross-hairs?
Oh the horror of being taken,
From the safety zone
Of the ever loving comfort.
Of your blerry phone!



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