The pain of letting go, of a chance, to make you whole
When the absence of just a  glimpse;
Makes your world about to end.
When life seems so hard that you feel you cant go on.
Weary head dropping to the floor;
Cool tile, caressing this abyss.
Blow after blow, life is dealing now.
Your self worth is shattered;
Bloodied tattered knees.
Pick up what is left?
Embrace your savaged corpse.
With frayed rope, grab on tight.
Claw back to life.



Such Nonsense

I barely know you and yet;
I tell you all the secrets in my head.
It’s not Love, just a reach;
A cry to the moon for what I seek.
Its lust for sure, I miss the touch;
Of strong arms as passion surmount.
I cannot gaze into your eyes;
Nor can I hold your hand.
Yet your voice call to me in your words.
Such nonsense, yet here I am.



Singular moment in time.
Memories waft in to stir.
A smile to the lip….frown to the brow.

Singular moments in time.
Strung together to write a life.
A life you love…or a life you change.

Moments are but passing time.
To be filled in the pursuit of love
Love of work, of man, of beast…of you.


The Addict

Neurons connect, intertwine.
Light up the senses, brighten the eyes.
Chasing that which cannot be caught.
Sweet little pill, a nectar from Gods?
Surreal interaction, it’s never enough.

We make love in my dreams, to the sound of the waves.
Morning light comes and it’s you that I crave.
Just out of reach, time after time.
This dragon is tiresome yet needs to be fed.
Just another hit, One more time….the end?

Pinocchio syndrome, bedded in lies.
This almost reality, turns in my head.
Bleeding heart is hungry to feel.
It gives me nothing and yet it’s a fact.
Just enough rope to hang my old self.