The Naive Girl

There was a fallen girl, who waited.
Waited for someone to notice.
Time passed and none stopped.
Still more time passed, and nothing.
Eventually a man came.
“What beautiful eyes you have” he said.
Thank you she said with a smile.
They chatted for a time.
She made him laugh.
He preened like a peacock.
As the sun set, he turned to leave.
He did not help her to her feet,
Nor did he look back.
And the girl wept, wasted tears.
She was alone once more!?

Sadly, she always was……




Often the hardest to forgive,

Is the closest one of all.

The one person of this world,

Where your standard is untoward.

Your gift to her is every sin.

A list of which held high!

Each unkind word, each fallen step,

Every failure she’s ‘self made’.

And God forbid, lest your forget.

Every night she cried.

If you tell her she’s not good enough,

Soon she will believe it true.

Her light will fade,

Her eyes will dull.

She will smile but only through,

Forgive her now,

Mistakes past due.

Your love for her be true,

Treat her like a special friend,

After all my love she’s you.


Missing You

Its dark here. Missing you.
My heart yearns for the light.
For the days before these.
When my eyes could see the stars;
And wonder in their midst.
When beauty was found everywhere;
And not hidden among fear.
When the future was bright;
And I could do most anything.
Oh how I long for my best friend.
Oh tell me please!  How I do I find Me?



Forget the past,
Its hooks of glass.
Shattering the future,
With its callous remorse

Pain is inevitable,
Mistakes are a path.
To easily misguided,
By self hate and wrath.

Giving heart licence,
To forgive and let live.
Purest self love,
Beyond measure to give.

Live life with love,
Lift your head to the stars.
You are beauty and light,
A pure Renoir.


Despite This Path

Whilst the road ahead is uncertain and strange;
The sun still shines in its ember frame;
The stars still glow in that perfect night sky;
And the moon still smiles down from its throne up on high.

Despite this path, dark and remote;
There is a song to be sung and words to be wrote;
A family to love and a home to keep warm;
Regardless of pain, there will be a new dawn.


In Peace Reborn

The poet inside of me is dead;

All the words that tied have fled.

Why is this you may ask, its true;

To this I have no answer, none due.

No reason for this lack of rhyme,

Unanswered questions? Perhaps in time;

Will unlock this bottomless pit forlorn;

And place me back in peace, reborn.