Ponder This….

Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay!

Ever used the phrase “don’t worry; everything is going to be okay” on someone going through a hard time?  Sure I understand the sentiment behind it, and yes I do ultimately believe everything will indeed be okay but If you don’t worry or have anxiety – ever – where would the motivation to try come from?, where would the strength to continue after a devastating day reveal itself ? – I mean why bother if things are going to miraculously fix themselves anyway.   If you think about it, the statement may actually cause more stress to the person its being delivered to.

Whilst a positive mindset is an absolute must and the ability to carry on despite lifes challenges a necessity (The universe does after all fall in love with a stubborn heart!), this doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to be human.  It’s surely finding the capacity to carry on despite the waves of doubt and anxiety that will ultimately get you through.

Would love to hear your thoughts!



Sometimes, whilst writing, I find that my original intention transforms into another thing entirely!  The subconscious has a way of getting through. Allowing myself to put thought to paper and think about the phrase, placement, setting etc. calms my mind from chaos and let’s me see the subject from an entirely different angle. This process is enlightening and often solves or makes a current challenge less threatening – a bit like talking to an old friend I guess!.

Free writing, starting with random appealing words and formulating a prose around them, is another way that I have found to uncover and work through hidden emotions – a practice I confess I have not done for a while. Even if you don’t end up with a particularly good piece of work it’s worth the time and can lead to alternate inspiration!


“Her mind wanders frequently of late.  On things past and future. She’s nervous to be alone but intrigued to discover what she is to become. She’s lost you see and uncertain of the path. She’s right in the place where light blends to dark. That place, right where she is, is the place she now calls home”