Singular moment in time.
Memories waft in to stir.
A smile to the lip….frown to the brow.

Singular moments in time.
Strung together to write a life.
A life you love…or a life you change.

Moments are but passing time.
To be filled in the pursuit of love
Love of work, of man, of beast…of you.


The Addict

Neurons connect, intertwine.
Light up the senses, brighten the eyes.
Chasing that which cannot be caught.
Sweet little pill, a nectar from Gods?
Surreal interaction, it’s never enough.

We make love in my dreams, to the sound of the waves.
Morning light comes and it’s you that I crave.
Just out of reach, time after time.
This dragon is tiresome yet needs to be fed.
Just another hit, One more time….the end?

Pinocchio syndrome, bedded in lies.
This almost reality, turns in my head.
Bleeding heart is hungry to feel.
It gives me nothing and yet it’s a fact.
Just enough rope to hang my old self.



Second Look

Eyes that will never see me;

Hands that will never touch;
Yet his breath on my skin;
I feel – like this means so God damn much!
Detailed conversations;
When the moon is out in full;
I can almost hear his laughter;
His vibration at me pulls.
Is this heart so lonely;
That with tenter hooks will grasp?
And eat the lies of a stranger.
Who gave a second look.


Self Deceit

Self Deceit is an arduous task;
To live up each moment, behind a steel mask:
It’s too heavy to hold, each second a chore.
When your hearts crying out for, Oh! something more!
When the tears on your skin see no light of day;
And the grimace you hide, never fades away.
To own up to feelings, is to admit there’s a fault;
Sadly it’s still there if you admit it or not!
Oh the toil of mans pride, to ask for some help.
But in todays world, failure?, that’s how its spelt.