The pain of letting go, of a chance, to make you whole
When the absence of just a  glimpse;
Makes your world about to end.
When life seems so hard that you feel you cant go on.
Weary head dropping to the floor;
Cool tile, caressing this abyss.
Blow after blow, life is dealing now.
Your self worth is shattered;
Bloodied tattered knees.
Pick up what is left?
Embrace your savaged corpse.
With frayed rope, grab on tight.
Claw back to life.



Self Deceit

Self Deceit is an arduous task;
To live up each moment, behind a steel mask:
It’s too heavy to hold, each second a chore.
When your hearts crying out for, Oh! something more!
When the tears on your skin see no light of day;
And the grimace you hide, never fades away.
To own up to feelings, is to admit there’s a fault;
Sadly it’s still there if you admit it or not!
Oh the toil of mans pride, to ask for some help.
But in todays world, failure?, that’s how its spelt.



This void tears at flesh;
Blood on bone, relentlessness;
Tunnel vision, sockets glazed;
Soft sinew twists to nothingness;
Futile scratching on razor edge;
Reeking stench of this darkness;
Reaching out one last time;
And slayed by human bloodiness.