Despite This Path

Whilst the road ahead is uncertain and strange;
The sun still shines in its ember frame;
The stars still glow in that perfect night sky;
And the moon still smiles down from its throne up on high.

Despite this path, dark and remote;
There is a song to be sung and words to be wrote;
A family to love and a home to keep warm;
Regardless of pain, there will be a new dawn.




The pain of letting go, of a chance, to make you whole
When the absence of just a  glimpse;
Makes your world about to end.
When life seems so hard that you feel you cant go on.
Weary head dropping to the floor;
Cool tile, caressing this abyss.
Blow after blow, life is dealing now.
Your self worth is shattered;
Bloodied tattered knees.
Pick up what is left?
Embrace your savaged corpse.
With frayed rope, grab on tight.
Claw back to life.


Elusive Sand

Fast forward this life of ours?
Hell will not let us through
Ours is both pain and pleasures
Where rain and fire ensues

Ours is to touch the sky
Yet to fall back to the earth
With bloodied nose, on bended knee
To reflect on our own rebirth

We will not run from sorrow
But hold it in our hands
For without this endurance
Joy is elusive sand

It will slip between our fingers
Until we pay the hefty dues
For there is naught without the other
And we have balanced up the tolls


Picture from Pixabay